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The Diamond Dolls are a spirit group supporting USF Baseball.  If youíve got the green and gold spirit and are interested in becoming a Diamond Doll, please click below for audition information.

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Archives:  For many years this fan-site was the only effective web presence featuring USF Spirit Squads (Cheerleading teams and Sundolls), operated with no university funding, a completely private and independent undertaking.  Kudos to the university for it's new website and dedicated athletics pages.  

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photo from 1972-73 USF Brahman Basketball Season


(the Bulls were known as the Brahmans in the early years of USF Sports)

Go Bulls!
Cheering on the Bulls, SunDome
image courtesy Varsity.com


Information about Cheerleading at USF

(submitted by SS, et. al.)

Welcome to a fan-site designed to support the Spirit Programs at USF (University of South Florida).  Come out and cheer on the Bulls as they take on American Athletic Conference opponents on the football field and in the Sun Dome.  

The USF cheerleading program consists of both a co-ed and an all-girl cheerleading squad.  Both teams cheer for football; menís and womenís basketball; and home conference volleyball matches.  Select squad members from both squads may have the opportunity to travel to various away football games as well as the AAC Conference basketball tournament(s), and any tournaments resulting from its success.

The USF cheerleading program consists of approximately 40 cheerleaders whose primary purpose is to support USF athletics.  Squad members cheer at all home football, conference volleyball, menís basketball and womenís basketball games.  In addition select cheerleaders travel to away football games (both regular season games and post season play), the menís and womenís AAC basketball tournaments, and the NCAA basketball tournament.

The season begins with camp in July, pre-season beginning prior to the start of classes in August; and continues through the completion of basketball season in the spring.  Cheerleaders are responsible for attending all practices and/or games that occur during that time period; including those that fall during University breaks/vacations and holidays.  In general, the USF cheerleaders practice on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 6:30-9:30 p.m.; with the frequency of practices increasing to at least five times per week during competition season.  In addition to evening practices all squad members are also required to attend mandatory weight training sessions on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 - 7:30 a.m.

All cheerleaders are required to be enrolled full time at USF for both the fall and spring semesters (a minimum of twelve credit hours per semester for undergraduate students, and minimum of nine for graduate students).  In addition all cheerleaders are required to keep a minimum 2.0 GPA (a C average) to remain on the squad.

The USF cheerleaders participate in a large number of appearances on behalf of the University and Athletic Department.  Cheerleaders are ambassadors for the school and are expected to carry themselves accordingly at all times.  Each cheerleader is expected to volunteer for a variety of appearances throughout the course of the season.  USF cheerleaders are also required to participate in team fundraising efforts throughout the season.  The specific fundraisers, dates, and times will vary from season to season; but for each fundraising campaign cheerleaders will be given specific goals and deadlines and are expected to meet them.

Being a college cheerleader is an extremely rewarding experience, but is also extremely time consuming.  Cheerleaders are expected to put their academics first and cheerleading second.  Anyone interested in trying out should make sure that they are fully aware of the time commitment required and be ready to dedicate themselves accordingly.

The USF Cheerleaders are under the direction of head coach Liisa Soncrant.  Assistant coaches are Dionne Thacker and Tiffany Mason.


The USF cheerleaders have been competing since 1993 beginning with the Metro Conference Cheerleading Championships and currently at the UCA College Cheerleading Nationals. USF competes in the coed Division 1A and the all-girl/small coed division. USF's small coed team placed 2nd in 1999, the first year ever to compete in that division! The small coed/all-girl team opens the door of opportunity to many cheerleaders. In addition to talented coed cheerleaders, USF now has a growing need for female cheerleaders who can base and/or top stunts, pyramids and basket tosses. The USF Division 1A cheer team placed 8th at the 2002 UCA College Nationals and the all-girl team placed 5th in Division 1.  At the UCA College Nationals, the 2002-2003 season saw the all-girl team place 3rd with two perfect routines, pre-lims and finals.  Co-ed placed in the top 15.  At the 2003-2004 season competition, all-girl placed 4th with two more perfect routines, pre-lims and finals.  Co-ed moved up to the top 10. Last season, the all-girl team placed fourth again and once again hit both routines.  The all-girl partner stunt group (Meredith Burlon, Jen Mears, Tiffany Cochran and Carrie Brown) also placed fourth last year and hit a flawless routine.  Way to go cheerleaders!


Rocky the Bull:

"Rocky" the Bull is the official mascot for USF. Rocky has traditionally added fun and excitement to many USF athletic sporting events. Rocky's biggest fans are the children, of course! Rocky the Bull is loveable to the young, but invincible to the opponent! Rocky performs at all home football and basketball games, campus activities, local community events, children's hospitals and other charity organizations.

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